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The India Network Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to serve the Asian Indian community around the World, and Researchers and Scholars interested in learning about India. Started as the first internet resource for India related news and events in 1988, the INF has established itself as the First and foremost resource on India and India related issues. If you wish to take-up a project in India or in the US, please feel free to review the project proposal information available under the Projects menu. To learn more about INF benefits such as Hertz, Budget, Rx discounts and Consult a Doctor, visit Member Benefits.

India Network Foundation sponsors visitor health insurance programs. The travel medical insurance plans, specially developed by Dr. K.V. Rao for visitors, students, and temporary workers (available formally since 1994) in the United States, Canada and Mexico and their families has been acclaimed as “best-in-class” and set the standards for coverage. All Visa holders and their families are eligible to take advantage of the plans.

India Network Plans offer superior health insurance coverage for visitors of all ages between 0-99 years. Our goal is to provide an affordable health insurance for visitors of all ages and especially for the older people and for people with pre-existing conditions. We offer different cashless plans for Visitor Health Insurance and Travel Health Insurance. Health Insurance Coverage starts from $25,000 up to $1,000,000. We cover all age groups (0-99 years old). We cover Pre-Existing conditions for all ages (0-99 years old) such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease to name a few. See FAQ.

The Plans are underwritten by highly rated USA Insurance companies such as AIG, ACE, and AXIS American Insurance using US standard for claims processing. Cashless Settlement of medical bills with PPO Providers. Accidental Death Benefit, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation come with all plans and more.

We hope you visit various resources and provide us a feedback to continuously improve the contents of our website.

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