India Network Foundation, USA sponsors various community projects both in India and in the United States. Visitor health insurance to USA bound visitors has been running for more than two decades. Today’s reductions in premiums show that the Foundation is committed to providing high quality coverage to visiting parents at the best price market can offer without sacrificing any reductions in coverage. Visitors to the United States can now get health insurance coverage for less than $2 a day for someone aged 69 years. In addition to that, India Network reduced premiums for ages 0 to 69 for ACE plans. India Network Health Insurance Plans continue to offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, medical evacuation and repatriation, and accidental death benefits as a part of its group coverage.

India Network Health Insurance offers several visitor health insurance coverage options to choose from and deductibles with and without pre-existing coverage. The visitors health insurance program is open to all nationalities visiting the United States. The India Network medical plans are underwritten by American Insurance companies such as ACE American Insurance Company and AXIS Insurance Company and claims are processed by US-based third party administrators.

Dr. KV Rao, the president of India Network Foundation, said, “The goal is to help visitors get sickness and accident coverage at affordable price and options The recent reductions are in that direction to help visitors with insurance coverage during their visit to USA. India Network provides quality health insurance for visitors of all age groups and health conditions with fewer exclusions and conditions than rest of the market products. A unique feature of our program is to subject pre-existing conditions, new medical conditions and accidents to the same schedule of benefits.”

India Network Health Insurance program has been helping thousands of families every year with their visitor health insurance coverage needs. Many physicians trust India Network Plans for their loved one’s health insurance coverage. Online quote and online applications make it easy for anyone to obtain the coverage before leaving their home country.

[blockquote] “NO questions were asked, and minimal support documentation was needed to get the doctors/hospital/other services paid on time,” said Dr. Jogi Pattisapu  [/blockquote]

India Network Health Insurance provides visitor health insurance plans for different ages, backgrounds, and budgets. Visit for more information about the plans and price reductions before your next visit to USA, Canada, and Mexico.

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