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Another Letter from Valsad, Gujarat, India

26th Feb 1998

Dear Mrs. Neeta Walker,

I was utterly astonished when I received a parcel from USA through a
courier service. Thinking and guessing whom it might be from, I opened the
envelope and found that it was from you. I was really deeply impressed and
obliged by your generous and helpful move towards schools in Bulsar in
India. It is very nice and kind of you to consider our school for the gift
of maps. I really appreciate your love and concern for pupils and schools
of Bulsar.

As soon as I received the gift of maps, I made an announcement on the
loud speakers of classes. Pupils of our school welcomed your helping
gesture with three cheers. I personally thank you very much for the valued
teaching and to our school.
Once again, on behalf of the management, the school, the pupils and the
staff, I express my heartfelt thanks for your love and gift to our
schools. We are truly obliged.

I thank you again in anticipation of other aids to our school in
future. Would you please excuse us for the delay in communicating thanks
to you.

Yours obliged,

Shri Smita A. Patel
Principal, Maniba Sar. Vidyalaya, Valsad

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A Satisfied Donor orders More mapsets!


I have donated two map sets earlier to two schools which were very
much appreciated by the Schools. I would like to order two more mapsets.

Please find enclosed a check for $40 towards two mapsets to be sent to the
following addresses (one to each schools). Following is the necessary

School Information:
1) Sri Bommareddi Chenna Reddy Viswakavi Junior College of Arts and
Science, Telaprolu, Andhra Pradesh, India
2) Sri Vemana Grandhalayam, Near Gali Gopuram, Telaprolu, AP, India

E-mail address to receive receipt:

Thanking you,


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Maps Recd – Shri Jamnabai Sarvajanik Kanya Vidyalaya

The Bulsar Sarvajanik Education Society’s
Sri Jamnabai Sarvajanik Kanya Vidyalaya
VALSAD, Gujarat

No. 764 of 1997-1998
16th February 98

Respected Madam,

Re: Greetings & Donation of Mapset to our School

We have received your New Year Greetings and following valuable
Educational Maps donated by Dr. K.V. Rao (Made possible by you) for our
institution. We are very much thankful to you for the same.
1. India Political
2. World Political
3. Gujarat Political

We are extremely proud of for selecting our school and hope to
achieve your kind co-operation in future.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

sign/ V.P. Naik
Shri J.S. Kanyavidyalaya

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Sri Venkateswara Bala Kuteer, Brodiepet, GUNTUR, India

Sri Venkateswara Bala Kuteer, Brodiepet, GUNTUR, India

Date: 3rd Feb 98

Dear Mr. Shyam Kumar,

Thank you for your generous gift to Bala Kuteer. We appreciate
your love for your first school. We are very pleased with the map sets you
sent and believe that they will be very useful for social studies
particularly. We handed the other mapset to the Shyamala Nagar Branch. Ms.
Lakshmi, and Mrs. Vajramani are fine. Ms. Devi also sends her thanks to

Our Kuteer is flourushing. We have a multipurpose project in
Chowdavaram which includes an old age home, orphanage, school, auditorium

Thank you once again. We wish you success in all aspects of your

Yours sincerely,

Head Mistress
Sri Venkateswara Bala Kuteer

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