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Asian Indian population is largest Asian Population Group in 25 States

India West recently published an article on Asian Indian population growth in the United States from the Census 2010 data. The report indicates that Asian Indian group is the largest Asian group in 25 states in the US. It is not clear whether the reporter Mr. Richard Springer is using the Asian Indian alone […]

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India Network Launches Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan for Visiting Parents

India Network lauched award winning comprehensive health insurance  plan tied to Multiplan Network with coverage for pre-existing conditions. This is a unique plan available to all age groups and enrollment is automatic without any medical underwriting. The plan, like other India Network plans is underwritten by Chartis Insurance, A Member of American Internatonal Group of […]

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Prevalence of Diabetes Among Asian Indians – By Dr. Thakor G Patel

‘Prevalence of Diabetes in the Indian Diaspora: Successful Community-Based Prevention and Management Programs in India’ by Dr. Thakor G. Patel with Sevak Project of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI). He presented detailed data on the global burden of diabetes mellitus which is more pronounced in India and migrant Asian Indians as they […]

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