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India Network Foundation Announces Enhanced Health Insurance Plan for Visitors to the United States

India Network Foundaiton is pleased to announce that a brand new insurance cover for visitors to the United States in agreement with ACE American Insurance Company. The new enhanced program has the following significant benefits that no other plan by any other company offers:

a) Pre-existing Conditions – Pre-existing medical conditions are covered in the same way like any other illness subject to pre-ex condition deductible and maximum coverage chosen. This is the best option for anyone with any kind of medical conditions and requested by India Network Members for many years.

b) Pregnancy Coverage – Pregnancy coverage is now available without any waiting period limitations. Coverage is available to all when conception takes place after the coverage start date

c)  Europ Assistance Services – Provide 24 x7 world class assistance services for policy holders when they need assistance

d) Claim Process – Online Claim submission for both doctors and policy holders. The Administrative Concepts (ACI) uses the top class software for processing claims and with providers can now submit claims electronically to ACI. Once the claim is submitted, policy holders can monitor the claims in real time.  All claims are processed in the United States by a fully licensed staff who are authorized to process claims.

India Network Foundation encourages every visitor to take advantage of this program to have a great fun filled time during their stay in the United States.


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