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The founder of India Network Foundation participates in the 38 Annual Conference of IASP on “Population, Health and Development”

The founder of India Network Foundation – Dr. K.V. Rao was honored to be a chef guest at the 38 Annual Conference of India Association for the Study of Population on “Population, Health and Development” in India on December 20-22, 2017.                       About India Association […]

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Chronic Kidney Disease as a pre-existing condition for Visitor Health Insurance among people in India

According to the Times of India, India is a vast country with diverse population. It has a unique set of health problems. At one end of the spectrum are the communicable diseases related to malnutrition, poor sanitation and poverty such as tuberculosis, diarrhea and malaria. However the other end of the spectrum of lifestyle diseases […]

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Why is it so important to get a Visitor Health Insurance underwritten by an American Insurance Company?

Underwriting of a Visitor Health Insurance is the process of evaluating the risk of insuring an individual, such as in the case of health insurance, to determine if it’s going to bring some profit for the insurance company to take the chance and to insure a person. After determining a risk, the underwriter sets a […]

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Hypertension as a pre-existing condition in visitor medical health insurance coverage: Causes, Signs, Symptoms & Prevention

Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common health conditions. It is a long-term medical condition that is caused by the high force of blood against artery walls. Hypertension is also responsible for various health diseases such as heart disease, heart attack, vision loss, chronic kidney disease and even stroke. Hypertension is considered a […]

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