A letter from Sri Aurobindo Integral School

ADDADA – 521 390, KRISHNA Dt., A.P.
PHONES: (08674) 53309 / 53120
Our Ref. No. Date 9/9/98

Dear Srimannarayana,

We have received to day a set of maps donated by you through Project
Director, I.N.F. When I opened the packing, I was pleasantly surprised to
see your name as the Donor of the material sent. I must offer our sincere
thanks to you on behalf of our school for the gift sent and I am sure that
they will be of great Value and use to us.

I would appreciate if you can send me some informatios and activities of
I.N.F and also let me know if we can participate in the useful work your
Foundation is doing.

I am sending a copy of this letter to Mr K.V.Rao, president of Foundation.

Thank you again for the useful gift.
Yours Sincerely,
Copy: Prof.K.V.Rao. (CHAIRMAN)

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