About INF

The India Network Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable, educational and community organization in the United States founded by Dr. K.V. Rao to serve the Asian Indian Community around the world and to help developmental projects in India. The India Network, started in the United States as a small group in 1988 is the first electronic network of Asian Indians in the World and is unique in delivering the publications to the electronic mail box of members. The organization currently publishes a number of digests ranging from news to matrimonial, and specialized forums such Immigration Law Forum. Membership in the India Network is open to anyone interested in India and India related information.

The India Network Foundation has been established as an independent non-profit foundation in July 1996. The INF is a tax-exempt community organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S. Government. The Foundation publishes various publications and maintain informative web pages. The foundation has been helping various developmental projects in India and providing support to members confronted with un-expected problems and issues in the United States.

The foundation depends on individual contributions in maintaining these services. The foundation is guided by a board of trustees with Dr. K.V. Rao as President and the founder of the organization. Since 1993 and Until recently, the India network project was a part of the BGSU Foundation of the Maumee State University. Since the activities of the foundation extended to helping developmental projects in India etc., a separate non-profit foundation has been established to allow us the greatest flexibility in meeting the needs.

The INF strives to provide stable network resources, support research on Asian Indian community in the United States and other countries, meet the social and cultural needs of the immigrant community in an alien culture, increase the knowledge and awareness of India and Asian Indian culture abroad. The INF initiated Visitor Health Insurance Group Plan for visiting parents, students and temporary workers. The India Network Services, a separate organization administers and manages the Group Health Plan.

In the past, We have provided funding to qualified students from India to enable fulfill their goals in higher education in the Untied States. A number of students benefited from this program. However, we have closed this program due to operational problems. However, we are open to the idea of helping students if such project and funding is given to the INF. Click on the Projects menu to participate or learn more about the on-going activities of the foundation.

The India Network Servers are located around the country – Houston, TX; San Francisco, CA; Alexandria, VA; and Chicago, IL assuring 100 percent uptime for its web services. A cobalt server handles all web traffic and delivery of mail.

Membership in India Network Foundation can be obtained by completing the Membership Form through our secure server.