California Leads the nation in creating Melting pot in the United States

The 2010 US census data shows that California has the highest number of Asian Indians with mixed racial background than any other state. Asian Indians for decades struggle to keep their identity in the US and thus far the mixed population is rather insignificant compared to other Asian cousins. Parents of US born children are slowly giving up controls in terms of marrying outside their own race/cultures and castes; and slowly opening to other cultures and races. About 11 percent of Asian Indians living in California have indicated more than one race during 2010 (about 61,363 people). Most of these mixed heritage population are very young, below 20 years old. Overall about 20 percent of mixed Asian Indians call Calfornia home. New Jersey, surprisingly has only 6 percent mixed race populations.. perhaps reflecting that most NJ Asian Indians are new arrivals (H1 boom) and still keep very close connections with India. More analysis is needed to decipher to understand mixed race Asian Indian population. More research results will be posted in these columns in future.
Source: Dr. KV Rao, 2012. Asian Indians in the United States, 2010

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