Doing Business in India – the second fastest growing market in Asia

The Indian market with its one billion plus population, presents lucrative and diverse opportunities for U.S. exporters with the right products, services, and commitment. India’s requirements for equipment and services for major sectors such as energy, environmental, healthcare, high-tech, infrastructure, transportation, and defense will exceed tens of billions of dollars in the mid-term as the Indian economy further globalizes and expands. As per the latest data available, India’s GDP growth for FY 2015-16 was 7.6%. With expected continuance of the government’s liberal policies, India has potential for a sustained high growth for the next couple of years and the U.S. companies must seize the opportunities to enter the rising Indian market. Please go to U.S. Embassy & Consulates in India website to read more facts about India and United States.

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U.S. – India Trade

U.S. Exports to India in CY 2016: $41.9 billion
Imports from India in CY 2016: $72.9 billion
Total bilateral trade in CY 2016 (Goods and Services): $114.8 billion

  • Total Trade: Total bilateral trade in CY 2015 $109.3 billion, a 3.6 per cent increase over 2014.
  • U.S. Exports to India in CY 2015 increased to $39.7 billion, a 5.6 per cent increase from the previous year.
  • Imports from India in CY 2015 increased to $69.6 billion, a 2.5 per cent increase from the previous year.

Direct Line for American Business: The Direct Line for American Business program connects U.S. businesses with American Ambassadors and U.S. mission personnel overseas, making you part of our “country team.” You will get up-to-the minute information on markets vital to your business, and learn about new sectors and tenders to help you expand your business. For more information and to receive announcements of new calls, click here.

The Business Information Database System (BIDS) gives U.S. businesses up to date information about significant foreign government and multilateral development bank procurements. Through an interactive map interface, businesses can find new export opportunities, validated by U.S. government economic and commercial experts overseas. Public and private partners can link to or download BIDS data for matchmaking, analysis, or other purposes.

Country Commercial Guide

The India Country Commercial Guide (CCG) provides a useful starting point for U.S. businesses pursuing export and investment opportunities in India. The CCG is prepared as a mission-wide document of the U.S. Embassy in India that is published annually. It reports India’s economic trends and outlook; political environment; trade regulations, customs & standards; business travel; and economic and trade statistics. It also provides information on marketing U.S. products and services in India; leading Indian industry sectors for U.S. export and investment; trade and project financing for U.S. exporters; and U.S. and Indian business contacts.

To obtain more industry-specific information, please contact us.

India 2016 Investment Climate Statement

Agriculture Related Business

How to do business in India

India offers promising export growth prospects for U.S. agriculture with a large and rapidly expanding middle class, rising disposable incomes and shifting consumption patterns toward higher-value agricultural commodities.  India’s modern retail sector is expanding, food processors want access to a global supply chain, and food service chefs want to innovate and attract young and higher income consumers who are ready to try new products and global cuisines. Exporters should determine if a product has market access and be willing to start small and comply with specific labeling and packaging requirements.

Please go here to read the complete article.

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