Donate a Mapset to your school India – A Project of India Network Foundation

* This project is closed for new donations *** Oct 1, 2014
The India Network has received requests in the last few months to organize the maps donation program to help rural elementary schools. The objectives of this project is to deliver brand new updated world map, India map, and the State Map to thousands of elementary schools in India. Please be generous in helping your own school located anywhere in India or if you do not have a preference, India Network Foundation has received several requests from schools and we would be delighted to send that gift on of those schools.

Anyone can donate any number of sets and there is no limit.

A MAP SET will consist of 3 Wall Size Maps for classroom use and costs $20 per set.

CONSISTING OF WORLD, INDIA, and STATE (available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, and Gujarati)

Description: The maps are Laminated for rough use and longevity and are approved by the Govt. of India. These are manufactured in India and published by Government approved publishers.

The Maps will be shipped in a container with a request to send acknowledgment directly to the Donor.

How Much it costs to the Donor?
Each Map set costs $20 (including all expenses). Any one can donate any number of Map sets as they wish. All donations to this project are tax-exempt in the United States and are eligible for matching gifts from your company (Check with your tax advisor).

Which Schools Get the Map sets?
The Donor specifies the School Name and Address where the maps to be sent. In case donor do not have a school in mind, the INF will allocate the gift to a school. Please complete a separate form for each school and provide complete address and contact person info.

How to Participate?
It is very simple. Use the Secure MAP SETS ORDER FORM and send it through our secure server. The Information you sent will be encrypted and securely sent to INF office. If the credit card is processed successfully, you will instant get a receipt for your donation. If you have any questions, please call INF office at 407-243-8760.

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