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The India Network Foundation is pleased to announce 2008 Grant Program to support Social and Cultural Functions in the United States, and Travel Grants to attend scientific meetings during the year 2008. The program is open to all Cultural and Social Associations of India Origin and to scientists in all fields in South Asia whose paper has been accepted for presentation at a national/international scientific meeting to be held in North America. Peer reviewed presentations are given preference over automatic invitation generating conferences. Poster presentations are not eligible for travel grant at this time. The grants made possible by a generous donation from Dr. KV Rao and the India Network Health Insurance Program.



Social and Cultural Grants - 2008

The INF initiated a program to help social and cultural organizations with various programs that promote Indian Arts, Culture and Artists from rural India. The maximum grant amount available for any one organization is $2500. The grant funds should be exclusively used for sponsored event, no overhead costs or equipment purchases are allowed. Preference will be given to events that involve an artist participation from Rural India and focus on Rural Cultural Arts.


1. Telugu Association of Florida - $250

2. Annamayya Sankirtanalu, May 17, 2008, Telugu Association of Greater Orlando - $1,116


Research and Travel Grants - 2009


The grant would cover travel and other conference related actual expenses but no stipends or fixed per diems or preparation of research papers. The grant application should be prepared in the following format and submitted at least twelve weeks prior to conference dates:


Please prepare three sets organized as given below


a) Cover Letter with curriculum vitae

b) Abstract of paper presented and conference/session information

c) Copy of Acceptance Letter from Conference Organizers (Session Chair)

d) 2 recommendation letters - can be sent directly under separate cover to foundation office.

e) Budget and other funding sought/approved in US dollars.

f) Letter from the institution/company approving leave in case of travel grant


Applicants may send the application material (3 copies) to


India Network Foundation

7065 Westpointe Blvd, Suite 208

Orlando, FL 32835




ps: Email applications are not acceptable.


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