Nov 24

India Network Foundation Announces Research Travel Grant to Ms. Amrita Kaurwar, IIT, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

India Network Foundation is pleased to announce research travel grant to Ms. Amrita Kaurwar, a Ph. D student at the India Institute of Technology, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Ms. Kaurwar will be using the grant funds to present  (co-authored with other colleagues) entitled “Functional Demarcation of Traditional Off-White Colored Water Pots Manufactured from Rajasthan Clayey Soils and …

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Jul 18

India Network help NGOs in Serving the Godavari Pushkara Pilgrims [India Network Foundation __title__ India Network Foundation, USA], a non profit organization in the US sponsors various program for the benefit of Asian Indian community in the United States and in India. In response to a request received from some NGOs serving the Godavari Kumbmela pilgrims, Dr. KV Rao, President, India Network Foundation announced …

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Apr 26

North American Telugu Society Bestows Community Service Award to India Network Foundation

NATS bestows community service award to India Network Foundation for its generosity and sponsor of visitor health insurance to Indian visitors. India Network Foundation, a non-profit organization in the United States pioneered in delivering valuable community services to the Asian Indian community in the United States and with several developmental projects in India for more …

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Dec 22

Contribute to India Network Foundation through SmileAmazon Program

Shop at Amazon Smile to help India Network Foundation, Inc. During this holiday season, please indicate India Network Foundation as your favorite community organization to receive a small percentage of contribution from Amazon with no additional cost to you. India Network thank Amazon for recognizing the India Network Foundation and their support to various educational …

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Oct 24

India Network Foundation launches Andhra Pradesh Cyclone Relief Fund to help Educational Institutions

India Network Foundation, a non-profit organization in the United States today launches Andhra Pradesh (India) HudHud Cyclone Relief program to help badly damaged infrastructure in government schools in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. The funds collected by the Foundation are exclusively used to restore several hundred elementary,middle, and high schools located in cyclone hit …

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Mar 20

Donate a Mapset to your school India – A Project of India Network Foundation

* This project is closed for new donations *** Oct 1, 2014 The India Network has received requests in the last few months to organize the maps donation program to help rural elementary schools. The objectives of this project is to deliver brand new updated world map, India map, and the State Map to thousands …

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Sep 23

India Population Growing at the slowest rate, 2001-2011

Effects of several years of family planning is slowly showing its impact on population growth in India. Census of India report shows that the population of India grew at a significantly slower rate since independence of India. The consequences of such a slow down need to be addressed by policy makers and social scientists. The …

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Nov 13

India Network Foundation Announces Enhanced Health Insurance Plan for Visitors to the United States

India Network Foundaiton is pleased to announce that a brand new insurance cover for visitors to the United States in agreement with ACE American Insurance Company. The new enhanced program has the following significant benefits that no other plan by any other company offers: a) Pre-existing Conditions – Pre-existing medical conditions are covered in the same way like …

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Sep 15

Foreign Born Population in the United States, 2010

This is a powerpoint presentation by the US Bureau of Census on Foreign Born Population in the United States as of Census 2010.

Sep 08

Health Insurance Information for new US Citizens and Green Card Holders

India Network Foundation has been receiving several requests for suitable health insurance coverage from United States Citizens and Green Card holders who are not eligible for Medicare and social security benefits. This group is typically in the 55+ age group with limited Choices, particularly those with pre-existing conditions. There are very few choices in the …

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