Which health insurance should I buy for parents visiting from India?

Do you need help finding the right visitor health insurance for your parents visiting from India? Getting the right visitor health insurance for your parents can be challenging when you don’t know what to look  for. Here are some helpful things you need to keep in mind when it comes to health insurance plans for your parents visiting from India.


How old your parents are will determine which insurance will work best for them. Most visitor medical plans only provide coverage for 69 years old and less. India Network Health Insurance has plans for all ages. Our programs provide coverage for age 0 to 99 years old.

Pre-existing conditions

Even though your parents might look and feel health, they might have some pre-existing conditions that they are not aware of. It is a great idea to consider pre-existing plans if your parents are 60 years old and above. Getting a health plan with pre-existing coverage will help them get the coverage they need when they need it. Having a heart attack or other life threatening conditions can cost a fortune if a person does not have good health insurance.

Let’s talk about the money!

First question you should ask yourself is whether your parents will need regular health care once they arrive or they will only need the coverage for emergencies. This will help you either choose the insurance plan that will provide coverage for most of the hospital bills or emergencies only.

ACE Network plan is a comprehensive plan that will help you pay most of the medical bills. This plan will cover 80% of the hospital bill after deductible. If your parents are old or get sick a lot, this is the best plan. As the name suggests, this plan is a network based plan.

ACE Premier is the second best plan. Unlike ACE Network, this is a fixed benefit. This plan is great for older parents as well. ACE Premier insurance will cover for different new sicknesses and accidents. We encourage our members to choose this plan as a second option when they can’t get the Network insurance.

ACE Standard and ACE Axis plans are more affordable options for visitors. These plans are great when your parents don’t need health care regularly. These plans are fixed benefits and have more exceptions compare to ACE Network and Premier Plans.

Paying for insurance and getting the most coverage when you need it is the best option for most. We understand that finding the right visitor health insurance for your parents is the number one priority, that’s why we will help you get the plan based on your needs. Call us today for more information about our visitor medical insurance plans.


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India Network Foundation Announces Research Travel Grant to Ms. Amrita Kaurwar, IIT, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

India Network Foundation is pleased to announce research travel grant to Ms. Amrita Kaurwar, a Ph. D student at the India Institute of Technology, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. Ms. Kaurwar will be using the grant funds to present  (co-authored with other colleagues) entitled “Functional Demarcation of Traditional Off-White Colored Water Pots Manufactured from Rajasthan Clayey Soils and Red Colored Water Pots from Gujarat Clayey Soils Using Spectrographic, Cooling and Strength Studies—A Case Study from Jodhpur, Rajasthan”.

The India Network Foundation travel grant is made possible by members and their participation in the Visitor Health Insurance program sponsored by the India Network Foundation. The travel grant is often awarded to a young upcoming scholar from India (any University/Institute) whose scientific research meets or exceeds the expectation of programs chairs of national and international conferences held in the United States.

According to Ms. Kaurwar team, “Off-white water pots have sustained traditional acceptance through ages in Jodhpur compared to red colored water pots imported from Gujarat. Both the pots hold 20 liters of potable water. The fluorescence spectroscopy reveals dominance of silica, alumina and iron oxide in red pots from Gujarat and whereas off-white of Rajasthan are also appended with a hint of excess CaO and MgO. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy study reveals a firing temperature of 800 degrees C for off-white pots comparatively less than those for red pots. Less percent of Fe2O3 and excess of MgO in off-white compared to red water pot are responsible for the color differentiation. Off-white pots showcased better degree of cooling compared to red pots. Better resistance to load was observed in off-white pots compared to red pots. This study may imply influence of hidden techno-functional aspects towards sustainability of off-white pots in Jodhpur”. Full paper will be posted to India Network Foundation web site at http://www.indianetwork.org after finalizing the paper.

Professor KV Rao, President, India Network Foundation congratulated Ms. Kaurwar for working on such a localized research with far reaching implications for rural masses engaged in the manufacture of pots with natural cooling capacity. Mr. Kaurwar and her team will be presenting her research at the Materials Research Society Conference to be held in Boston, MA from November 27- Dec 2, 2016.


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India Network help NGOs in Serving the Godavari Pushkara Pilgrims

http://www.indianetwork.org [India Network Foundation __title__ India Network Foundation, USA], a non profit organization in the US sponsors various program for the benefit of Asian Indian community in the United States and in India. In response to a request received from some NGOs serving the Godavari Kumbmela pilgrims, Dr. KV Rao, President, India Network Foundation announced a special package to distribute rice to NGOs based on their work and services to the pilgrims during this 12 days of celebration of river Godavari, Andhra Pradesh.
A team of volunteers surveyed various Ghats located on the banks of holy river Godavari in Rajahmundry, Kovvur, Siddhantham, Narasapuram, Andhra Pradesh and distributed rice bags to selected NGOs that meet strict criteria. Many pilgrims and NGOs appreciated India Network Foundation assistance in providing high quality rice for running canteens to help millions of pilgrims during the 12 days of celebration of river Godavari.

India Network Foundation sponsors a http://health.indnet.org [visitor health insurance program __title__ India Network Visitor Health Insurance Program] that help thousands of elderly parents visiting the US every year from India. The India Network Health Insurance has been the only source of accident and sickness insurance for US bound parents, and grand parents with one or more pre-existing conditions.

Dr. KV Rao, Founder President, India Network Foundation said that the Foundation supported several projects in rural India and NGOs in India who are doing excellent work. As a matter of principle, India Network does not distribute funds but in kind. During the current on going Godavari Pushkarams, India Network decided to donate rice to help NGOs serving the pilgrim community in Godavari basin area. All NGOs in the area that require any kind of assistance may contact local project volunteer, Mr. Ravi Kanth at nawabpalem@gmail. com . India Network members who wish to donate funds to this rice distribution project may do so by visiting the India Network Contribution Page.

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North American Telugu Society Bestows Community Service Award to India Network Foundation

NATS bestows community service award to India Network Foundation for its generosity and sponsor of visitor health insurance to Indian visitors.

India Network Foundation, a non-profit organization in the United States pioneered in delivering valuable community services to the Asian Indian community in the United States and with several developmental projects in India for more than two decades. The India News Network Digest of 1990s has served hundreds and thousands of subscribers around the world with latest news items from India, the only such source at that time. The Immigration Law Forum Digest, edited and contributed by Sheela Murthy helped thousands of families with complex questions in immigration. Even today, attorney Sheela Murthy continue to provide services to the Indian community with her informative articles. India Network Foundation continue to support several community programs such as travel grants to researchers from India, visitors health insurance for all ages of visitors traveling to the United States, and contributing to other social and cultural organizations.

In recognition of India Network Foundation services to the community and its generosity in sponsored various community projects, the North American Telugu Society (NATS) recognized Dr. KV Rao during their recent meeting held in Orlando, Florida. On behalf of NATS, Telugu Association of Greater Orlando (TAGO) president, Mr. Rajesh Kesineni presented the plaque to Dr. Rao and requested him to award the trophies to winning volleyball team of the evening.

Dr. KV Rao congratulated Dare Devils Orlando team for their excellent performance and capturing the top position in a stiff completion. Dr. Rao thanking the NATS representative, Sai Prbhakar Yerraprgada for recognizing India Network Foundation and its services to the Indian community in the United States. Dr. Rao speaking on the occasion said that the visitor health insurance program is helping thousands of families by providing valuable insurance cover that is not available. India Network Visitor health insurance plan is the only one that cover major pre-existing conditions, accidents, new medical conditions and medical evacuations for 0-99 year old visitors. He urged community members to take advantage of the plan by activate participation in its programs both in India and in the United States.

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Contribute to India Network Foundation through SmileAmazon Program

Shop at Amazon Smile to help India Network Foundation, Inc. During this holiday season, please indicate India Network Foundation as your favorite community organization to receive a small percentage of contribution from Amazon with no additional cost to you. India Network thank Amazon for recognizing the India Network Foundation and their support to various educational and travel grant programs to help scholars from India.

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India Network Foundation launches Andhra Pradesh Cyclone Relief Fund to help Educational Institutions

India Network Foundation, a non-profit organization in the United States today launches Andhra Pradesh (India) HudHud Cyclone Relief program to help badly damaged infrastructure in government schools in the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh. The funds collected by the Foundation are exclusively used to restore several hundred elementary,middle, and high schools located in cyclone hit area. This effort would be similar to our earlier assistance programs during Bhuj Earthquake in Gujarat, and Cyclones in the Andhra Pradesh. Even today many schools in Andhra Pradesh carry and store student records in Godrej Almaras distributed in 1997 and the maps distributed to many schools with member participation.

The HUDHUD cyclone that roared across the coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh, India on October 13, 2014 left widespread damage to trees, buildings, telephone and electricity network in the coastal areas. Rail, road and airport transportation damaged in the area. While government under the leadership of the Chief Minister try to bring some normalcy to the area, many NGOs need to work to bring back the life in the impacted areas.

Please donate generously to the AP Cyclone Relief Fund of the India Network Foundation by completing the donation form on the secure server web site using American Express, Master Card, Visa or Discover card at Donation to AP Cyclone Relief

Anyone can donate as much as they wish to this project as well as help the Foundation get the matching grants.

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