India Network help NGOs in Serving the Godavari Pushkara Pilgrims [India Network Foundation __title__ India Network Foundation, USA], a non profit organization in the US sponsors various program for the benefit of Asian Indian community in the United States and in India. In response to a request received from some NGOs serving the Godavari Kumbmela pilgrims, Dr. KV Rao, President, India Network Foundation announced a special package to distribute rice to NGOs based on their work and services to the pilgrims during this 12 days of celebration of river Godavari, Andhra Pradesh.
A team of volunteers surveyed various Ghats located on the banks of holy river Godavari in Rajahmundry, Kovvur, Siddhantham, Narasapuram, Andhra Pradesh and distributed rice bags to selected NGOs that meet strict criteria. Many pilgrims and NGOs appreciated India Network Foundation assistance in providing high quality rice for running canteens to help millions of pilgrims during the 12 days of celebration of river Godavari.

India Network Foundation sponsors a [visitor health insurance program __title__ India Network Visitor Health Insurance Program] that help thousands of elderly parents visiting the US every year from India. The India Network Health Insurance has been the only source of accident and sickness insurance for US bound parents, and grand parents with one or more pre-existing conditions.

Dr. KV Rao, Founder President, India Network Foundation said that the Foundation supported several projects in rural India and NGOs in India who are doing excellent work. As a matter of principle, India Network does not distribute funds but in kind. During the current on going Godavari Pushkarams, India Network decided to donate rice to help NGOs serving the pilgrim community in Godavari basin area. All NGOs in the area that require any kind of assistance may contact local project volunteer, Mr. Ravi Kanth at nawabpalem@gmail. com . India Network members who wish to donate funds to this rice distribution project may do so by visiting the India Network Contribution Page.

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