India Network Promotes Ancient Medical Practices in Chennai, India

India Network Foundation sponsored a two day free medical checkup camp in Chennai to help promote ancient medicinal methods of disease diagnosis and treatment. Dr. V.S. Suresh, A Holistic Health Care Specialist examined several hundred patients in the two days. The response was overwhelming and very encouraging. People were surprised to find that their entire medical history could be found by examination of Nadi (the Veins) on both hands. Dr. K. Srinivasan, formerly with WHO, and several international organizations, and former director of International Institute of Population Sciences found the method superbly simple and yet powerful results about ones overall health conditions. Dr. DVS Sastry, formerly with Reserve Bank of India and Insurance Regulatory Authority in India also saw this as a remarkable solution, particularly to rural populations where medical services are very low to nil. Dr. V. Narayana Reddy, Registrar, Vikram Simhapuri University was impressed with the ways people were treated in ancient India and how we lost or loosing those methods. Several other prominent scientists, researchers, physicians and suregons took interest in the revival of ancient medical practices. The camp is held on 24th and 25 January 2012, Chennai, India.

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