India Population Growing at the slowest rate, 2001-2011

Effects of several years of family planning is slowly showing its impact on population growth in India. Census of India report shows that the population of India grew at a significantly slower rate since independence of India. The consequences of such a slow down need to be addressed by policy makers and social scientists. The imbalance in sex ratio might create even more complex situations for the country demographics. Advancement of medicine, increased hospital accessibility across various segments of population are contributing to an increase in life expectancy. The result would be an aging population with high dependency ratios. Successive governments in India promoted Family Planning programs vigorously and never thought that what would happen if every young person voluntarily decide to have only one child or no children.
Dr. KV Rao, President of India Network Foundation said that it is easy to convince people to have few children but it is rather impossible to convince people to reverse that trend. Many European countries tried and failed and India would be no exception.

India Population Size, Growth and Distribution 2001-2011

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