Book Reviews

The India Network Foundation welcomes publications for review on India and Asian Indians around the world. To conduct a preliminary screening process, please go to Contact INF and submit a request and contact information.

  • Putting Chance to Work. A life in Statistics: A Biography of C.R. Rao by Nalini krishnakutty, and Published by Dialogue
  • Graceful Exits: How Great Beings Die. Death Stories of Tibetan, Hindu and Zen Masters. Compiled and edited by Sushila Blackman
  • Population Policy and Reproductive Health In India. Edited by K. Srinivasan and Published by Hindustan Publishing Company
  • Indian Paper Money Since 1950 By Kishore Jhunjhunwalla
  • Ananya – A Portrait of India, Edited by S.N. Sridhar and Nirmal K. Mattoo, and Published by the Association of Indians in America