Indian Kids Beat Art Entries From 193 Countries to Feature in NASA Calendar

Beating over 3000 entries from 193 countries across the globe, two schoolchildren from Tamil Nadu have found a space for their artworks in NASA’s 2018 Commercial Crew Program Calendar Art Contest  says The Better India. Please go to their website to reads more.

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Kaviya BJ and K Selva Sreejith, are both 11 years old and are students of Shree Vidhya Mandhir, Pushpathur in Palani. The duo is amongst the twelve winners whose entries adorn the pages of the calendar. Amidst a variety of themes related to the International Space Station, astronauts and growing food in space, Selva and Kaviya fashioned their works on the themes ‘what would you take from home’ and ‘space food,’ respectively.

The creativity in both the kids is beyond appreciation.

Kaviya’s entry in the Calendar. Source: NASA.

Kaviya has beautifully depicted a vibrant organic garden in space which can be used by the astronauts instead of the prepackaged meals that they carry along in the spacecraft, while Selva’s drawing showcased the essentials that he thought would be important for an astronaut to take along, so that he or she is reminded of home during their space odyssey.

From a little child, who is presumably his sister, and a dog, to a bicycle and a football, the 11-year-old clearly knows what is important to him, and his work is in fact, quite poignant in its ideation and simplicity.

Besides the prolific duo, 9-year-old Uttaran’s ‘rocket’ themed drawing has also found a place in the calendar. Uttaran is from Kolkata.

Initiated in 2016, NASA’s competition is for children in the age group of 4-12 years, and thousands of kids across the world participate in it.

Selva ‘s entry in the Calendar. Source: NASA.

The Commercial Crew Program is one of NASA’s flagship ventures. As part of this project, NASA is working with several American aerospace industry companies to facilitate the development of rockets and spacecrafts.

As per the NASA website, the goal of this venture is to have safe, reliable and cost-effective access to and from the International Space Station (ISS) and foster commercial access to other potential low-Earth orbit destinations. Indian-American Sunita Williams is among four astronauts who have been selected by NASA for commercial flights to the ISS.

The article source is The Better India. Please go to their website to read more interesting articles about India.

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