Indian Visitors Abroad

Visitors from India are an integral component of the history and on-going efforts of India Network Foundation.

The INF strives to support research on Asian Indian community in the United States and other countries, meet the social and cultural needs of the immigrant community in an alien culture, and increase the knowledge and awareness of India and Asian Indian culture abroad. The foundation initiated Visitor Health Insurance group plan coverage for visiting parents, students and temporary workers over 2 decades ago.

Visitor Health Insurance – India Network Health Insurance provides medical coverage for all nationalities outside their home country including residents, visitors, students, temporary workers (H1 visa holders) and their families. A recognized industry leader, India Network Health Insurance offers:

  • Standard, Premier or Traditional Coverage
  • Open and Doctor/Hospital Network
  • Pre-Existing Medical Coverage for Ages 2-99
  • Medical Coverage from $50,000 to $1,000,000
  • Doctor Consultation Services
  • RX, Dental and Vision Discount Cards
  • Travel Assistance Services

Immigration Network Services – The India Network Immigration Service is committed to excellence in providing quality resources on immigration to researchers, and users of immigration services. In this effort, Immigration Network provide several links to resources at locations from various countries that have a long standing immigration policies.

Consult a Doctor – The purpose of this program is to help visiting parents and others who need to consult a physician during their stay in the United States or Canada for minor medical problems or pre-existing ailments such as diabetic, blood pressure, pain management etc. or refilling prescription. India Network Membership is required to use Consult a Doctor.

India Network Foundation will expand its tourism offerings for its members in 2011. Currently, members can view prices and availability for vacation rentals while staying in Orlando, Florida at Tourist Information.