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The India Network Immigration Information Service is committed to excellence in providing quality resources on immigration to researchers, and users of immigration services. In this effort, we provide several links to resources at other locations from various countries that have a long standing immigration policies. Several members of India Network benefitted from Attorney Sheela Murthy’s  probono services in early 1990s. Attorney Murthy was introduced to the Indian community by Prof KV Rao through the India Network Publications – IMMNET. The Immigration Information Bulletin was started in those days continue to provide wide range of free information to members of the community today. India Network Foundation is grateful to Attorney Sheela Murthy for her community service and support to the Foundations projects.


Immigration LAWS Around the World

  • US Immigration and Naturalization Service includes electronic copies of the Immigration and Nationality Act and Title 8 of the Code of Federal Regulations as well as data files pertaining to recent immigration.


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