Making Every Asian Count

If you held back your census form because you didn’t know how the information would be used, make sure you talk to Professor K.V. Rao when it’s time for you to get counted the next time. Rao, of Bowling Green State University (BGSU), known for his work in establishing and maintaining the Indian Network Foundation, has been invited by the former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Norman Y. Mineta to serve on the Census Advisory Committee on the Asian population.

Rao is the director of demography at the department of sociology at BGSU, and his teaching interests include demographic methods, population forecasting, applied and business demography, indirect estimation, and statistics.

As honorary president of the India Network Foundation, he inspired thousands of Asian-Americans to actively participate in the recently concluded census through his editorial, and by answering questions to allay myths about the information collected by the census bureau.

“For a variety of personal and historical reasons, some minority groups are hesitate to give out information to any federal agency. many illegals, persons with expired visa etc. are worried that the information given in census will be used to deport them., says Rao.

In the next census, “I would also like to see questions specific to Asian community, their life styles, health, and occupation profiles in the main questionnaire or special surveys on this group since there are no bench mark numbers,” says Rao. Diversification of population mix from various cultural and religious backgrounds with their own belief systems. customs, and apprehensions, are some of the key issues that the census bureau should be concerned about when it comes to 2010 census, and the advisory committee can play an important role in addressing those issues, he believes.


*Article by Nitya Ramanan

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