Maps Recd – Panchayat Union Elementary school


Thanks for the efforts of India-D. I had requested for 2 mapsets to be
sent. The way you have described, the costs would have exceeded $23 it
seems. Please let me know the difference in costs. I will be happy to send
to you the difference in cost.

Of the two schools, the HeadMaster of the one of the school has written a
wonderful letter to me. This school however happens to be not the intended
school!! I am sure there was a confusion in the name of the school –
presumably the Panchayat Union Elementary school in the East of my village
has undergone a change in name to Bharathi ……., while the West
retained its name. So the Maps went West!! That’s fine. I would like to
still send a Map to the school in the East of my village!!

There is no response from the principal of the other school I had sent the
Map to. Hopefully it has reached him.

Thanks again.

Regards, Rangam.

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