US Asian Indians

Demographic Data on Asian Americans and Asian Indian Population in the U.S.

Prepared by Professor K.V. Rao from a variety of resources on the web.

A racial category of Asian Indian was added to the U.S. census questionnaire in 1980 for the first time in the history of Census. Due to lack of publicity of this new racial category and confusion with native American population with Asian Indian population, the 1980 census did not capture all Asian Indians and there were cases of misclassification and self-reporting errors. The 1990 census captured most Asian Indians but confusion remained. The 2000 U.S. Census not only included Asian Indian race category but also allowed people to specify more than one race. Detailed analysis of mutli-race will be presented when the data is released by the Bureau which we hope will provide a picture of assimilation of Asian Indians with other racial groups through marriage/love relationships.

The total United States population in 2000 is 281,421,906 (without any adjustment)

The overall inter-censal growth rate from 1990-2000 was 105.87% and the average annual growth rate was 7.6%. Asian Indians now comprise 0.6 percent of the United States population with 1,678,765 (crossing first time the million mark). Asian Americans consists of 3.6 percent of the United States population, with 10,242,998. By including multiple race reporting, this number exceed 11 million population. Asian Indians form the third largest Asian American Group comprising 16.4% of the Asian Americans (Chinese, and Filipinos take the first two slots).

The Asian American community overall grew at a rate of 48.26% from 1990-2000

State Wise Census 2000 Counts of Asian Indians (One race reporting cases).

Alabama Georgia Maryland New Mexico South Dakota
Alaska Hawaii Massachusetts New York Tennessee
Arkansas Idaho Michigan Nevada Texas
Arizona Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Utah
California Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Vermont
Colorado Iowa Missouri Ohio Virginia
Connecticut Kansas Montana Oklahoma Washington
Delaware Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Wisconsin
District of Columbia              Louisiana New Hampshire Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Jersey Rhode Island Wyoming


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