Prevalence of Diabetes Among Asian Indians – By Dr. Thakor G Patel

‘Prevalence of Diabetes in the Indian Diaspora: Successful Community-Based Prevention and Management Programs in India’ by Dr. Thakor G. Patel with Sevak Project of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI). He presented detailed data on the global burden of diabetes mellitus which is more pronounced in India and migrant Asian Indians as they have high rates of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and related complications in the United States. The presentation further described the higher prevalence of T2DM among 1038 randomly selected Asian Indian immigrants in the U.S (17.4%), and 1082 Indians in India (8.4 % and 13.6% in rural and urban Indians, respectively). The prevalence of metabolic syndrome, using the International Diabetes Federation criteria, was 38.2%, 39.2% and 10.5% among U.S. Asian Indians, Urban Indians and rural Indians respectively. Results provided evidence that rural Indians have significantly lower rate of diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity as compared to urban Indians and immigrant Asian Indians in the US.

Source: GOPIO Newsletter

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