Member Initiated Projects

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Member Initiated Projects

India Network Foundation encourages members to take-up projects in villages and towns across India. In each of these cases, members identify the projects that they would like to take, identify the person that they trust would execute the project, and donate funds to carry on the project on a timely fashion. INF is inclined towards supporting elementary education/health related projects in rural India but other project ideas are welcome as well. It is very easy to take-up small projects. Funds donated to the INF are tax-exempt in the United States and all contributors will be provided a receipt for tax purpose.

Please provide the following information to INF about your project:

1. Project Description (incl. the physical location, how you came to know about the project and who will benefit from the project, etc.)

2. Project Executing Person/Agency

Identify an individual or an agency (sorry, no governmental agencies are acceptable) that would execute the project on behalf of the Foundation. Provide complete address of the person in India that has agreed to help execute the project.

3. Funds: Write a check made payable to the “India Network Foundation” and mail to the foundation office. Write a letter clearly addressing the above two items. Nominal Administrative Charges will be levied by the INF.


INF Requirements:

1. The Project will be executed as the India Network Foundation Project. However, INF would acknowledge the member contribution that made possible the project execution.

2. The Party receiving the funds should acknowledge the donation to the INF office and send a detailed report within 6 months indicating how the funds have been utilized and whether the work has been completed. It is possible that some projects run more than 6 months and in such cases an interim report must be filed with the INF office in USA.

3. INF at it’s discretion will send its Project Director in India to verify that the project has been executed as described and full co-operation is expected from the party receiving funds when such visit takes place.

4. INF reserves the right to reject member initiated project without assigning any reason. No correspondence is entertained in this regard and INF decision is final.