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During our recent visit to Andhra Pradesh Cyclone Effected areas, several members of community came to meet and present various projects that are really worthy of our consideration. These does not involve huge funds and are target oriented. If you are interested in sponsoring any of the projects listed below either partially or fully, please contact us.

Also, if you have a project in mind that you would like to provide funds, the India Network Foundation would be happy to assist you in that process. You may send your tax-deductible contributions to the India Network Foundation and indicate in your letter that you would like the funds to support a certain developmental/educational project in India. The India Network Foundation has a Project Director in India who would take personal responsibility in overseeing the implementation of the project according to the donor wishes and report us back what has been done. An administrative cost of ten percent of the funds contributed will be retained by the India Network Foundation to meet the administrative, accounting/record keeping costs to meet the IRS filing requirements. All contributions made to the India Network Foundation are tax-exempt in the United States. A letter to this effect will be issued to all contributions involving more than $250 (the IRS requirement).


Elementary School site and Building in RELANGI (near Attili, West Godavari District, AP)

We have visited the school currently in a rented house that has been falling apart. Many rooms in that house have already been made unusable due to recent cyclone. It is in a very bad shape that we felt it as a disaster to happen any day with the collapse of that house and all teachers and students are at a very high risk of loosing their lives. The President and Executive officer of the Panchayat have expressed their support to our efforts and it is possible that we may get some matching grant from the government to undertake this task.

Estimated costs in Rupees : Rs. 500,000

2. Community Development Center in Attili (West Godavari District, AP)

The Brahmin Seva Sadan (BSS) has re-acquired site donated earlier to the Endowment Department for the construction of a community center but the Endowment department has not done anything on that site since 1978. A group of dedicated volunteers are working hard to build a community center with a plinth area of 1265 Sq.ft which includes 6 rooms, and a community hall of 1740 sq.ft. A detailed project information, accurate estimates were submitted to the India Network Foundation. The BSS plan to offer the following services to the community

Rent the Hall to marriages/community functions at a nominal rent of Rs. 500 per day
Free Medical Services – one day a week
Counseling for students on higher education prospects
Offer courses to improve communication skills in English
Sanskrit Conversational courses
Lectures on Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana and Bhagavat Geet
Awareness of health, sanitary conditions, nutrition values campaign at individual families
Adult education classes
Musical Classes and Dance instruction
Eye Camps, and other medical camps for advise
Conduct Yoga Classes

and many more. They made very impressive folder and presented to us. We highly recommend this project for NRI funding as we are certain to see the team doing all that they have said.

Estimated Cost: Rs. 600,000 (detailed breakdown of the budget is available at INF office)

3. Construction of a small school building at Korimelli, near Bhimavaram

The aided school run by Sri Prahlad Raju has a very impressive record of social work in that area and has received awards from many dignitaries. This facility which we visited runs a Balvadi (something like preschool program for children under 5), a Aanada Saranalayam (a place for children who do not have any family), Mahila Mandal (A woman’s group) that provide instruction on sewing and making a variety of products based on coconut tree, a adult education center, and a high school. They have impressed us with their selfless service to community and admission to all programs is free to everyone in the community.

The roofs have been lost due to cyclone for some building that the India Network Foundation is actively considering to help out with. One building has been collapsed and they have requested funds for reconstruction of that building.

Estimated costs: Rs. 300,000

4. Girls High School in Amalapuram, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh

During our meeting with the district collector Sri JSV Prasad, who just visited the Girls High School in Amalapuram made an appeal to us to help that school. The building is currently occupied by a Junior college who will be moving out to a new location and that will be handed over to the Girls High school in that area. It appears that several repairs are urgently needed as well as construction of restroom, and other such facilities. If anyone is interested in helping this Girls High School, we will get you more information on the project.

Estimated Cost of Repairs and Minor Constructions: Rs. 700,000
and more to come…


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