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Tsunami Relief Project December 2004

INDIA NETWORK FOUNDATION Tsunami Relief Project Contribute to Relief Fund Andhra Pradesh – Rs.32.5 Crores Loss and 104 Deaths in 3 districts – Krishna, Guntur and Nellore Tamil Nadu – 6200 dead in Coastal Areas and Crores of damage Every […]

Orissa Cyclone Relief Fund

The “super severe cyclone” that hit the State of Orissa, India on October 30th with a wind speed of 300 km/h is the worst of its kind. The official death toll stands at Eight Thousand and is expected to increase […]

Operation CARE – Help Families of Kargil

The Project Operation Care is designed to help bereaved families of those killed or wounded soldiers in Kargil action. The India Network collected funds at the request of several members and disbursed the funds during July/August 1999. There are few […]

First Report of AP Cyclone Relief Efforts of India Network

First report on the Andhra Pradesh Cyclone Relief Project of the India Network Foundation 29 January 1997 In response to a call from the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and concerned with the damage caused by the cyclone in November […]

Cyclone Relief Efforts – List of Schools Received Help

India Network Foundation, Inc. Andhra Pradesh Cyclone Relief Efforts – List of Schools Received Help S. No Name of the School Students Teachers 1 Chilakapadu Ele. School 204 4 2 Chivatam U.P. School 301 10 3 Kaldari Ele School No. […]

Sponsor a Project in Andhra Pradesh, India

During our recent visit to Andhra Pradesh Cyclone Effected areas, several members of community came to meet and present various projects that are really worthy of our consideration. These does not involve huge funds and are target oriented. If you […]

Relief Efforts in AP India including photo of the Eye of Cyclone

During December 1996, Dr. K.V. Rao, Founder and President of the India Network Foundation visited Cyclone hit areas and provided relief to primary schools in East and West Godavari Districts. He was moved with the felicitations and appreciation meetings organized […]

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